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Download our FREE library and take a look under the hood. Don’t just kick the tires, take a deep and serious dive into our model design philosophy. With these free models you’ll gain full access to nearly 500 configurations and get a clear idea of what goes into every SWFTParts model. With full SolidWorks functionality nothing is limiting you to further costomize. Each model showcases our design table approach to building SolidWorks parametric models.

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Explore our products for free with with the PVC Apprentice Bundle. Discover what is possible with Design Table Parts that work in or out of the SolidWorks Routing Add-In. This comprehensive array of SCH 40 PVC custom library parts is available at absolutely no cost. The Bundle offers a thorough scope of components, perfect for advancing your knowledge and understanding of Solidworks Custom Library Parts. The bundle includes 15 parts totaling almost 500 configurations in all. Discover the freedom to explore a broad representation of our offerings without spending a penny. Download the PVC SCH 40 Apprentice Bundle now and take your design skills to new heights!

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