Experience a quantum leap in design efficiency with our cutting-edge SolidWorks and Routing compatable Design-Table Driven 3D models. Unleash unparalleled creativity while saving on rebuild times, reducing CPU and GPU loads, optimizing data storage space, and enjoying cleaner, leaner models for your projects.

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One Model - Multiple Configurations

Save valuable resources using design table parametrically driven parts. SWFTPARTS models use this design approach which is proven to save regeneration times, computing resources and graphics demands on all your projects.

Lean and Clean

Embrace a clutter-free design process with models that are inherently cleaner and leaner, enhancing overall project organization.

Efficiency Elevated

Our Design Table-Driven approach ensures swift rebuild times, allowing you to iterate and refine designs faster than ever.

Performance Optimized

Minimize CPU and GPU loads with our streamlined models, providing a smooth design experience even on less powerful hardware.

Browse by Bundles

Unlock significant savings by purchasing in Bundles. Each of our 3D Design Table Parts Bundles are packaged to address your skill level and are tailored to meet specific project applications, sizes and requirements for all your Solidworks projects. Bundles are 10% off our list pricing when purchasing parts separately. 

Free Model Library

Download our FREE bundle to make a deep and serious dive into our model design philosophy. With these free models you’ll gain full access to nearly 500 configurations with full SolidWorks functionality. Each model showcases our design table approach to building SolidWorks parametric models. A serious approach to 3D design. 




Whats New?

Explore the newest additions to our  Custom Design-Table Driven Library. We continuously expand our offering from customers’ feedback and requests. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know – your needs matter to us. We’re committed to listening to your requests and then designing a solution for you.